What Makes Synergy Missions Consulting So Effective?



Synergy Missions Consulting is led by Dr. Doug Cassady.

  • B.S. from Texas A & M University

  • DMIN & MDIV from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • 30+ years ministry experience and Missions Pastor since 2001.

  • Executive Director of Synergy Missions Solution Network, 2011-Present


Dr. Cassady's leadership, training, and equipping, & resourcing churches for effective missions solutions empowers a vibrant network of 35+ churches. Let his expertise work for you.



Synergy Missions Consulting promotes a paradigm-changing process that brings together:

  • biblical theology and missiology

  • latest missions advances

  • best practices

  • missions solutions for churches 


Churches are looking for healthy, long-term, effective, and significant missions solutions. Synergy Missions Consulting provides what your church needs to employ these poweful missions solutions.

Your church will want to discover more of this powerful process.



Not only does your church benefit from the extensive resources of Synergy Missions Consulting but also your church will be connected to a network of 35+ churches from around the world. This network is continually expanding and adding to the missions "know how" and opportunities of Synergy Missions Consulting.


What Makes Synergy Missions Consulting Unique?


Your church will be guided through the vital process of aligning missions within the vision and work of  your church.  


Your church is like no other. Synergy tailors missions solutions specifically for your church's vision, philosophy, and strengths.


Your church will be given the tools it needs in all aspects of missions; from assessment to implementation, practice, and evaluation,

Hands On

Your church will have on-site, in-person, and in-the-field missions experts on hand.  Help and advice is right there.

How Does Synergy Missions Consulting Save Your Church Money?


Your church will only spend a fraction of the expenses needed to provide for professional missions expertise.  Your staff and members will also save time to focus on other aspects of ministry.

Negate Waste

Your church may make significant investments of time, people, materials, and money.  Synergy guides your church to missions solutions that foster long-term impact while minimizing ill-advised or harmful missions practices.

Discovery Plan

Your church will access to the vetted and known missions partnerships that Synergy has already established.  This  saves in the resources needed to discover partnerships and minimizes risk of the unknown.

Future Minded

Your church will be enabled to respond to the ever-changing landscape of missions with flexibility and relevance. Your church will foster sustainable and reproducing endeavors and partnerships.  


Synergy Missions Consulting is partnered with Synergy Missions Solutions Network (Synergy Missions). 

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